No parking at the stage door (ashlin_hahn) wrote in polaroidpicha,
No parking at the stage door

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'Tis me.

Here I am, webcamming once more.

My squishy face, grinning.

I think I'm chewing my lip...

I look like a whore. 0_o

My tongue, because I was dared to.

Me being... uh... I don't know, coy or something?

Wow, my hair looks frizzy. I jsut came back from walking ym dog in the rain, you see, and when it gets wet, my hair does... THAT.

My hand looks large.

Hey, look! More of the whore inside of me comes out. xD

Don't be too mean! :P
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They're great pictures. And you look pretty in every one. Gorgeous smile! Impressive tongue! :)
*blushes deeply* Uh... um... thank you? ((I suck when it comes to this "taking praise" thing. xD))
"Thank you" is just fine. And the blushing is very sweet. :)
lol. Thank you. :)